What you thing what would be the future of  Science Technology?  in the present year 2021 we are witnessing lot of changes made in technology for instance in this covid  micro needles are innovated for avoiding the pain from the injections and also there are numerous things that we are going to watch, 

Syringe, Injections

now technology is envision to quantum computing, by this technology we can avert spread of the coronavirus and can evolve a good amount of vaccines with the aid of  this technology, as this have the competence  to analyze the data and act on it, for now you might be imagining about quantum computing, in simple words this stuff is related to mathematics which basically involves properties like interference, superposition and there are tremendous things, to perform computations further more these devices which perform this kind of computations are most commonly known as quantum computers this computers differ from the regular computers as this can perform computations more efficiently than the regular ones, this is just the one technology what we have seen till now but there are lot of other   technology which comes in lot of help in this year.

Quantum Computation

 Now look at the cars as previously we were having cars that were not so safe but nowadays we see lot of changes related to safety, not only safety but nowadays the cars are able to drive independently owing to have various sensors like radar sensors which is able to measure distance from car, cameras which can capture 360 view of surroundings, and even a lot more sensors that helps the car to prevent from obstacles, so what will be the future of cars?  perhaps we will soon see flying cars in future this sound little weird & funny for now but even this is possible, actually there is concept rolling on internet which is called Renault Float cars may be if  this concept comes in existence, even flying cars are possible

Future Car

When we discuss about technology and drone is left aside that's not possible, these drones are most probably used for military purposes like for surveillance and strikes but in future drones will be able to deliver services like delivering burgers or any kind of food or even the packages of amazon, currently  they can be used for aerial shots but in future it may be used for deliveries, now by this kind of technology there can be certain drawbacks  like what if somebody stole the parcels in between by hacking the drone, or what if it cannot handle the weight of the parcel and many more things, but we should keep this in mind if  humans can make errors  they are just the machines operated and made by we humans, at the end its human made product, but for sure if there will be drawback there will be a solution for that drawback and by observing the rapid development made in technologies human are capable enough to handle those errors or drawbacks.


When it comes to transportation efficiency safety and ease are the major necessity in any kind of transportation, we already have various trains running but still we want more efficiency so there are hyperloops available for that purpose, it have a tube like structure basically it involves a tube, a pod and a terminal in it passengers have a space in pod just like the normal train but there will be lot safety features involve compare to normal trains as it can travel with 750 miles per hour which if you imagine is 3 times faster than bullet train.



One of the most preferred topic artificial intelligence ( AI ) as it is escalating in  modern trends, with the help of AI we already have achieved  of plenty of things from it, whether it be a personal assistant for our smartphone or speech recognition, automating business processes, gaining insight by data analysis, engaging clients and lots of stuff, yet what can we expect more from AI possibly we can expect it to help in protecting  malicious virus from computers, or to solve environmental problems



Technology is worthy for acquiring all the stuff in no time but don't you feel this technologies are making human slothful? it's the fact that you don't need to run errands just hit a single button and you can connect to the world or if you are dealing with certain problems just by one click the problem is solve in no time these is actually good in terms of solving your problems in seconds but what about your health, now take an example of your smartphone humans are too much dependent on smartphones and we all give most of the priority to it so by this we get addicted to it and get apart from the world due to this negative thoughts release in our human brains and there is no need to explain what happens when there are negative thoughts in our minds, so technology is good for saving time but if not use in limit it may slowly affect us, fine lets come straight to the point future is the thing which can't be controlled, changed or even predicted in fact we can just imagine the things believe on our imaginations which will then further led to new innovations in future technology, alright one thing is for sure technology will be changed, updated or newly created but technology will never have the ability to be like human.